The instrumentation we have allows us to be able to satisfy the various sphere of the mechanical working precision instruments in the tertiary (on behalf of a third party workings), which, for example, sweep from the domestic appliances to the automobile and aeronautical sectors.

We normally effect workings on the most disparate materials: from the steel to the stainless and hardened steel; from the titanium to the aluminium and the alloys; from the bronze to the bass; from the nylon to the plexiglas on particular cylinders whose dimensions are between 1.5 mm and 60 mm.

We work the outlined profiles as well, with various diameter, length, material and using. Our machinery have micrometrical (thousandth) resolution and a 0.2 Ra roughness level.

The quality of our workings is guaranteed by the usage of machinery constantly checked as well as by the experienced staff the firm has. Another strong point of Omac is the speed in which we create and deliver the products.


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